Electric Reach Truck Range 2

ETV 214/ 216 & ETM 214/ 216


Lift height:2900~10250mm

Load capacity:1.4/1.6 t




Space-saving design, high performance data and ergonomically optimised working conditions. These are the strengths of Jungheinrich Reach Trucks ETV 2 series. The characteristics:

  • Higher throughput – as well as increased availability – due to 3-phase AC technology on drive, lift and steering motors.
  • Space-saving through narrow working aisle widths from 2669 mm (according to VDI when picking up Euro pallets lengthways).
  • The operator feels the benefit of comfort from the start: from the lowered entry height he comfortably reaches the 3-fold adjustable comfort seat, adjustable armrest, MULTI-PILOT control lever and vertically/ horizontally steplessly adjustable steering wheel.
  • Automatic speed reduction on corners. Curve Control limits maximum travel speed and acceleration on corners. The danger of a building up process or even tipping over is drastically reduced.
  • By using the display/operating instruments arranged in front of the operator, he can call up all operational and safety-relevant data and individually adjust or select various travel programs. Arrangement and design of the instruments contribute towards safety as much as the excellent visibility through the panorama mast or operator-protecting roof. 



  • All drives for travel, lifting and lowering in 3-phase AC technology
  • Space-saving through optimum truck geometry
  • Cockpit with ergonomic function design
  • High economic efficiency through energy reclamation during braking and lowering (optional)
  • MULTI-PILOT control lever
  • Curve Control for optimum safety during travel


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